Carey Kirkella Photography | Wall Art Collection from a teen photoshoot

Wall Art Collection from a teen photoshoot

Playing around with a very cool new tool for photographers that I'm excited to start using called Swift Galleries.  These are a couple of images from a recent shoot I did of a teen who is about to start her senior year of high school.  I really enjoyed photographing her and her friend as well.  I met them while doing a teaching assistant gig for the photography program at SOCAPA, a great Summer program for high school students.

This is what two 16x16" and two 24x16" canvas prints look like on a wall.  It always amazes me that people think that 8x10" prints are huge!  

Very soon I'll be adding a section to this website all about high school senior photos.  I'm looking forward to photographing many more of them too!

Wall art collection, two 16x16" and two 24x16" canvas or image wrap prints, high school senior session.

Carey Kirkella is a lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Brooklyn, New York.  Her specialty is capturing people of all ages in their natural element, and she especially loves photographing kids.  

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