Carey Kirkella Photography | Impromptu teen mini photo session

Impromptu teen mini photo session

This past Summer I worked as a photography teachers assistant for a high school arts program in New York City called SOCAPA.  I wish I knew who did the girls makeup and costumes so that I could give them credit for it, but I basically just stumbled onto this amazing scene and was able to take a handful of photos of one of the dance students in the program.  The photography students had taken a field trip to a great space, The Green Building, in Brooklyn, where the dance students were practicing their performance.

Experimenting with different effects for these images was fun using the Lightroom presets from  You can learn more about their workflows here and here.  They were easy to install and to use, and while they don't quite fit my needs on a regular basis, I think they can be a great addition for more creative portraits like these. I had high hopes of taking notes on which presets I used for which images and listing them under the photos, but that didn't happen this time around.  I also did some tweaking and retouching in Photoshop after processing them through Lightroom.


With some of them I can't decide if I like the color or black and white versions better.  Here's a couple of examples of that-


And here are a couple of examples of what they might look like at different sizes on a wall.




Carey Kirkella is a lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Brooklyn, New York.  Her specialty is capturing people of all ages in their natural element, and she especially loves photographing kids.  

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